Building Vital, Industry-Specific Leadership Skills

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”  — Peter Drucker.

There is no greater way for organizations and career professionals to ensure their future than through structured, purposeful continuous learning.  GCLI’s curriculum and teaching methods are designed with that in mind.  There is simply no better opportunity to advance individual and organizational success than GCLI!

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning isn’t an elaborate or academic exercise. It is a fundamental business requirement for organizations looking to maximize their potential for enduring success.

Utilizing real-world examples and a time-tested approach, GCLI participants will learn the fundamentals of effective strategic planning and how the process helps focus resources in the direction of a sustainable organizational growth.

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Sales Leadership

Leading a sales team has never been easy. A transformational marketplace changes the landscape and creates the need for a revised outlook and strategy.

Building a sales plan that integrates your marketing initiatives will be essential. Learn how to recruit and retain the best people, and create compensation packages that meet the needs of a new generation.

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Financial Controls

Financial management of a business is critical to its success. Participants will learn how to use the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, performance ratios, and a cash flow analysis to make informed decisions.

Exploring options in financing and capital expenditure issues will lead to better decision making and learn how to build your diagnostics and financial dashboards.

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Operational Excellence

Is your organization prepared to meet increasingly demanding expectations for project deadlines, customer quality specifications, cost budget controls, and new technological applications?

Our Operations Management’s training focus is to groom next-generation leaders that will build on the strengths of their team members to consistently go well beyond fundamental expectations.


Joseph P. Truncale PhD, CAE

Joseph P. Truncale, Ph.D., CAE

Joe is the Founder and Principal of Alexander Joseph Associates, a privately held consultancy specializing in executive business advisory services and strategic planning facilitation and execution for associations and for entrepreneurial businesses.

Joe spent 30 years with NAPL, including 12 years as President and CEO. He is an adjunct professor at NYU teaching graduate courses in business subjects.

Mike Philie

Mike Philie

Mike is the founder and principal of The PhilieGroup, LLC, providing strategy and insight to owners and CEOs in the Graphic Arts industry.

As a former printing company President and senior-level sales executive, Mike provides insight garnered from hundreds of industry clients to infuse his consulting and presentations with timely, real-world examples and proven results-driving advice.


Strategic Planning

Given the dynamic nature of the business environment, it is essential that emerging leaders develop an understanding of an effective, no-nonsense planning process.

  • What to do before planning begins: preparing for the strategy session
  • How to develop and prioritize key objectives
  • A better approach to the traditional “SWOT” analysis
  • How to assign responsibility to ensure accountability

Sales Leadership

The markets have changed, your clients have changed, and you need to have the sales leadership strategies to succeed in today’s environment.

  • Sales leadership—it starts with selling something
  • Learn how to build your sales plan—strategies and execution
  • Recruiting, retention and compensation for today’s market place
  • Sales performance and coaching to success

Financial Controls

Understanding your financial levers will be crucial to making timely and informed business decisions in today’s market place. Your economics can help drive your success.

  • Financial management analysis – an overview
  • Understanding and controlling your cost through your economics
  • Financial applications, diagnostics and decision making
  • How to apply conventional and bootstrap financing

Operational Excellence

Optimizing the output of limited resources, specifically, people and capital, is what GCLI Operations Management training is all about.

  • Project Management: Planning and Control
  • Quality Assurance and SPS
  • Disruptive Technologies/Evaluating Breakthrough Opportunities
  • Affecting Positive Cash Flow through Operations

Plant Tours

Here’s your opportunity to see first-hand how top industry companies operate.

  • Compare notes on all phases of company operations
  • Provide valuable insights, feedback, and suggestions
  • See live examples of methods and processes you can use

Supplier Visits

Get the very latest in new product features and demonstrations

  • Meet with technicians and executives from top suppliers
  • See live demos on a variety of equipment utilizing a state-of-the art workflow in an ideal environment
  • Get a lead on what’s next in product development


Hear What Future Leaders are Saying…


Meeting Locations

Meeting room

Quarterly meetings are held at different US locations. They can be at a member business, an industry supplier, or in a hotel meeting space.

Plant Tours

Pressroom Discussion

Each year, we hold one or more sessions at a printing facility. A comprehensive plant tour will be followed by a presentation by the executive team of the host company. Participants will evaluate what they hear and see and will have the opportunity to ask questions and offer feedback and suggestions for improvement. The afternoon session will be devoted to one of the core learning areas of the program.

Supplier Visits

Paper Finishing

One session each year will be hosted by a technology supplier/manufacturer. Company executives will present an update on emerging production trends and will preview new technology applications and how they will enhance production choices and capabilities. A facilities tour will include time in their product demo center along with opportunities for hands-on demonstration and a Q & A session.


2024 Quarterly Sessions

March 5-7, 2024

HP Graphic Experience Center
Alpharetta, GA

May 21-23, 2024

Vivid Impact
Phoenix, AZ

September 10-12, 2024

Coinciding with the
Printing United Trade Show
Las Vegas, NV

November 13-15, 2024

Location TBD
, FL


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